Month: July 2023

  • Tips for Buying a Home Warranty

    Tips for Purchasing a Home Warranty Plan Whether you’re purchasing your first home or your fifth home, this will be one of the most fulfilling – and possibly expensive – investments you’ll ever make. The responsibility to repair, maintain, or replace the extensive systems throughout the home can be overwhelming for some homeowners. Enter: A […]

  • Should You Have a Home Warranty on a Rental Property?

    With nearly 40% of the U.S. population being renters, smart landlords understand the importance of having a quality and dependable home warranty plan in place. Whether you live in the home or you have a tenant, protecting your home systems, appliances, and extras – like pools and spas, is a great way to ensure that […]

  • Home Warranty HVAC Coverage

    Keep Your Home Cool with Simplicity Protection When you live in a hot, dry climate or the temperature spikes in the summertime, there’s nothing better than having a reliable, working air conditioning system that keeps you cool. On the opposite end of that, having a heating system that provides you with the necessary warmth for […]

  • Home Warranty Pool Coverage

    Protect Your Pool with Simplicity Protection We know there’s truly no better feeling than jumping into a cool, clean pool in the middle of a hot summer day. Whether you’ve just put a new pool in place or you’ve recently purchased a home that has a pool already installed, it’s important to have the right […]