Basic Home Warranty Plan Coverage

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The Best Home Warranty for Delaware

Welcome to Delaware! Our unique location on the eastern seaboard provides an abundance of amenities for homeowners. Whether you have purchased a stately colonial home in Wilmington or a ranch style home in suburban Middletown, make sure you are protecting your investment with a home warranty plan from the best home warranty company in Delaware.The comfort and safety of your family is important. But when a major appliance fails and needs repair quickly, finding a reputable repair technician can be difficult. Don’t rely on the local appliance store or random referral. The best home warranty company in Delaware can help you get your home’s systems and appliances operating correctly and affordably.A home warranty in Delaware can guard your finances from unnecessary or fraudulent repair scams. No one wants to be taken advantage of when their heating or electrical system is on the fritz. Work with a home warranty company in Delaware that understands your unique needs. Don’t leave the care of your home to chance.  

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

Coverage depends on the specific home warranty plan you choose, but items eligible for coverage include: 

  • Plumbing System
  • Electrical System
  • Home Appliances
  • Water Heater
  • Washer and Dryer (See Standard Plan)
  • Additional HVAC (See Premium Plan)
  • Pool & Spa Coverage (See Standard & Premium Plan Add-ons)

At Simplicity, our customizable plans are designed for each individual home. Incorporate add-ons for a home warranty plan that’s unique to you.

Simplicity Home Protection

Rely On The Right Home Warranty

With a Simplicity Protection Plan, you can rest assured that you have a home warranty plan that meets your specific needs, for your special home, in your unique part of Delaware. For more than 45 years, we’ve been protecting our customers with one goal: putting them first with coverage they can rely on. Dependable coverage. Hassle-free claims. Award-winning service.

Simply Put, You’re Protected® with Simplicity Home Protection.

We are here to answer your questions!

Q. Is a home warranty required at closing?  

No. You can purchase a home warranty policy at closing or any time afterward. However, sellers often offer to pay for the first year of a home warranty to help incentivize potential buyers. Remember, the home and its systems are your responsibility after you take possession of the house. Consider protecting  your finances and your home at the time of purchase before any costly issues arise.

Q. Is buying a home without a legal warranty worth the risk?

If you have just made a down payment on your new home, chances are you don’t have a lot of cash left to repair or replace a critical appliance in your home. That’s a pretty big risk. Look for a policy that covers the items that are most important to you, and whose repair or replacement costs would be burdensome. Evaluate the details of a policy before you sign.

Q: Is it better to buy warranties or pay for damages?

The cost to repair and replace the systems, components, and appliances in your home continues to rise. A home warranty protection plan keeps your costs consistent if and when you have a covered repair. Protect your home and your finances with a policy that can keep your home running smoothly without a lot of hassle.   

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