How Much is a Tankless Water Heater?

How Much is a Tankless Water Heater?

With the demand for appliances and home systems that have better efficiency and less harmful effects on the planet on the rise, it’s no surprise that tankless water heaters have become a household staple. Although higher in initial costs, the tankless water heater consistently out-performs its predecessor, the traditional storage tank water heater, in longevity, energy efficiency, and operating costs.

But, how much will a tankless water heater set you back upon initial purchase? And, is it even worth it? Well, in this blog, the experts at Simplicity Protection are here to provide you with a complete look at tankless water heaters: the types, the benefits, and how much they cost.

Types of Tankless Water Heaters

Now, before we begin discussing the many benefits of a tankless water heater, we first want to discuss the different types of tankless water heaters available, as these will provide you with varied options to choose from.

Here are the three types of tankless water heaters.


Condensing water heaters are a lot more efficient due to the fact that they have multiple heat exchangers. Because, they’re able to take the original heat exchanger’s exhaust, they’re able to heat water longer, and more consistently.


Non-condensing tankless water heaters also use a heat exchanger, however, the exhaust created isn’t re-used and has to be vented from outside the home. These vents will also add additional cost when purchasing this option.


On the other hand, there are hybrid model tankless water heaters that don’t quite fit into either category. Hybrid models have a smaller tank and use less energy due to the fact that they’re acquiring the exterior heat from the outside to heat water. Their downside is initial price, which is more expensive than the previous two options.

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Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

The benefits of tankless water heaters are numerous. From their energy efficiency to longevity, it’s a wonder why everyone hasn’t jumped on the tankless water heater bandwagon.

However, we wanted to touch on a few benefits that go beyond the two we previously mentioned because they will make a big difference when it comes to the overall cost of this home investment.

Instant Heat

Tankless water heaters actually heat up water far quicker than a traditional storage tank option. Once the hot water spigot is activated, the water heater immediately starts to heat the water and only takes on average, 15 seconds for water to reach the desired heat.

More Space

As tankless water heaters are only around the size of a control panel, they don’t require the space that a storage tank heater does, leaving you excess room for storage or other personal items. Their low profile is great for smaller homes or those looking for minimalist design.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Over time, as your tankless water heater continues to use less energy, it will actually save you money in the long run. According to estimates by ENERGY STAR®, an average household could save hundreds of dollars per year switching from traditional to tankless water heaters.

Factors that Determine Tankless Water Heater Cost

Now, down to the question you came for – how much is a tankless water heater?

While prices vary from unit to unit, on average, you can expect to spend around $179 – $2,000 on the initial purchase.

Overall, the highest cost factor to determine when purchasing a tankless water heater will be fuel type. Gas-fired tankless water heaters will typically cost more than electric, running you around two to three times as much. Other common cost-determining factors to consider are installation costs and system size.

Does a Home Warranty Cover Tankless Water Heaters?

Short answer: yes. Most home warranty options will cover tankless water heaters. While these energy efficient units often don’t need regular maintenance, unforeseen events do happen, and if you have coverage for your tankless water heater, your home warranty plan will cover or greatly reduce the cost to fix it.

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