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  • Tips for Buying a Home Warranty

    Tips for Purchasing a Home Warranty Plan Whether you’re purchasing your first home or your fifth home, this will be one of the most fulfilling – and possibly expensive – investments you’ll ever make. The responsibility to repair, maintain, or replace the extensive systems throughout the home can be overwhelming for some homeowners. Enter: A […]

  • Should You Have a Home Warranty on a Rental Property?

    With nearly 40% of the U.S. population being renters, smart landlords understand the importance of having a quality and dependable home warranty plan in place. Whether you live in the home or you have a tenant, protecting your home systems, appliances, and extras – like pools and spas, is a great way to ensure that […]

  • Home Warranty HVAC Coverage

    Keep Your Home Cool with Simplicity Protection When you live in a hot, dry climate or the temperature spikes in the summertime, there’s nothing better than having a reliable, working air conditioning system that keeps you cool. On the opposite end of that, having a heating system that provides you with the necessary warmth for […]

  • Home Warranty Pool Coverage

    Protect Your Pool with Simplicity Protection We know there’s truly no better feeling than jumping into a cool, clean pool in the middle of a hot summer day. Whether you’ve just put a new pool in place or you’ve recently purchased a home that has a pool already installed, it’s important to have the right […]

  • 5 things to know before buying home warranty-Simplicity Protection

    Do I need a home warranty if I have homeowner’s insurance? Yes. Homeowners insurance will provide compensation for loss or damage to your home or contents, caused by an event like hail, fire, etc. A home warranty protects you from the unexpected expenses of a covered breakdown on your home’s major systems and appliances. What […]

  • Facts To Know About Refrigerator Temperature

    What Temperature Should Your Refrigerator Be? While others may say the heart of the home is the kitchen (and they’re not wrong), we’re going to go a little further and say the true heart of the home is the refrigerator. Not only is it the starting place for every delicious, homemade meal, it’s also one […]

  • Does Home Warranty Cover Plumbing?

    Does Home Warranty Cover Plumbing? If you’re purchasing a new home or simply want additional coverage for your current one, it’s important to know which systems can be covered by a home warranty. Just like your home, each home warranty plan is different and will typically come in a variety of price ranges and coverage […]

  • How Much is a Tankless Water Heater?

    How Much is a Tankless Water Heater? With the demand for appliances and home systems that have better efficiency and less harmful effects on the planet on the rise, it’s no surprise that tankless water heaters have become a household staple. Although higher in initial costs, the tankless water heater consistently out-performs its predecessor, the […]

  • What’s Covered Under a Home Warranty?

    Whether you’ve just purchased your first home or your 10th, the excitement of a new home is fun for everyone! The space, the appliances, the ambiance – it’s all brand new to you. However, after the initial excitement wears off, comes the reality that home appliances and systems can break down without warning, leaving you […]

  • Should I Buy an Extended Appliance Warranty?

    We know that feeling – you’ve just purchased your dream appliance only for it to break down not even five months after you’ve purchased it. Or even worse, you’ve purchased your dream house with a perfect appliance only for that to stop working a year later, just as you’re getting comfortable in your new home. […]