Should I Buy an Extended Appliance Warranty?

We know that feeling – you’ve just purchased your dream appliance only for it to break down not even five months after you’ve purchased it. Or even worse, you’ve purchased your dream house with a perfect appliance only for that to stop working a year later, just as you’re getting comfortable in your new home.  

For moments like this, home warranty plans and extended appliance warranties are the perfect solution to a frustrating, and often stressful situation.

But, do you need both? And, what’s the difference between them? Well, thankfully the experts at Simplicity Protection have created this ultimate guide to home warranties and appliance warranty options to help you decide which is right for your home!

Are Extended Warranties on Appliances Worth it?

A warranty on an appliance, also commonly just referred to as a “manufacturer’s warranty”, is an option that is generally offered at the time of purchase with larger, pricier appliances such as a dishwasher or oven. While an extended warranty on an appliance might seem like a fool-proof solution to any future problems, it’s actually more of a short-term solution.

Here’s why.

Typically, an appliance warranty will only last up to a year after the original purchase and will often only provide specific repair or replacement options if said appliance is with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). An extended warranty is this warranty, only – you guessed it, extended. This a-la-cart warranty method will only cover one specific appliance item and then, after that, it’s up to you to pay the costs if it breaks down.

What is an Extended Home Warranty?

An extended home warranty is a coverage option that offers homeowners financial protection on all of their selected, covered appliances for as long as they renew their warranty.

For example, if you’ve just purchased a home and your appliances, though in beautiful shape, are more than two years old, they typically won’t be covered by an extended appliance warranty. There’s also the matter of purchase – even though you bought your home, you didn’t purchase each individual appliance outright, which means they won’t be covered on a traditional extended appliance warranty.

With a home warranty, however, they are – even if you didn’t purchase them. Depending on the home warranty plan you choose, you can have numerous appliances – both small and large, covered in case of an emergency breakdown.

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost?

The price of your home warranty will depend on the plan that you choose. Each plan offers different coverage options depending on your needs.

Here are the per month coverage plan prices for the individual home warranty plan options offered by Simplicity Protection:

  • Essential Home Warranty – Starting at $50 / Month
  • Standard Home Warranty – Starting at $60 / Month
  • Premium Home Warranty – Starting at $65 / Month

Simplicity Home Warranty vs. Extended Appliance Warranties

At Simplicity Protection, our mission is delivering long-term confidence with every home purchase. The main difference between a Simplicity Home Warranty and an extended appliance warranty comes down to two key factors: time and coverage.

If you’re purchasing a new appliance that is maybe not that expensive to repair or replace, an extended appliance warranty is probably the right option for you as you won’t be paying large amounts of money to replace it once the warranty is over.

However, on the flip side, if you own your home and you want major appliances to be covered in case of a mechanical breakdown, then a home warranty plan is right for you!

Simplicity Home Warranty Protection plans

At Simplicity Protection, we offer three distinct plans that are designed to cover a multitude of home appliances and systems – all for your comfort and budget.

Our Essential plan covers a wide range of mission-critical systems responsible for the smooth functioning of your home, including heating & cooling systems, plumbing & electrical, and a water heater.

Our Standard plan covers everything in the Essential plan plus major home appliances that you use every day, such as your kitchen refrigerator, oven, built-in dishwasher, washer & dryer, garbage disposal, and more!

And finally, our Premium plan is our most popular and comprehensive coverage option – not only does it cover everything in the Essential and Standard plans, but it also covers other household items like second AC and heating units, second refrigerators, garage door openers, and more. Pool and spa coverage add-on options are available to add to the Standard and Premium plans, as well for additional convenience.

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