What’s Covered Under a Home Warranty?

Whether you’ve just purchased your first home or your 10th, the excitement of a new home is fun for everyone! The space, the appliances, the ambiance – it’s all brand new to you. However, after the initial excitement wears off, comes the reality that home appliances and systems can break down without warning, leaving you feeling a whole lot less excited than when you first moved in.

At Simplicity Protectionâ, we want that new home buyer feeling to last, which is why we encourage all home buyers to invest in a home warranty plan – designed to give you assurance that if anything should happen, we’re here to help.

But, before that, you’re probably wondering, what’s covered under a home warranty? Well, in this blog, we’ll be discussing what a Simplicity Protection Home Warranty plan covers and other frequently asked questions you may have regarding your home warranty plan.

What Does a Simplicity Protection Home Warranty Cover?

At Simplicity, our home warranty plans are designed to give you complete confidence in your home and appliances – even if they fail.

Our three curated home warranty plan options include a wide range of coverage options based on your needs, including repair or replacement for most major home systems and appliances, including everything from plumbing and HVAC to appliances like a refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher, depending on the plan that you choose.

What Home Systems are Covered?

The home systems that are covered under your home warranty plan will ultimately depend on the coverage plan option that you choose. At Simplicity Protection, however, even our most basic plan – our Essential Plan, covers your most-used everyday home systems, including plumbing, electrical, and heating.

With each higher tiered coverage option, you’ll get access to increased coverage options, such as our Premium Plan option that covers second AC and heating units.

What Home Appliances are Covered?

As with home systems, home appliance coverage options will be dependent on your preferred plan! For ultimate coverage, we recommend our Premium Home Warranty plan as it covers all Essential and Standard systems and home appliances (including kitchen refrigerator, oven, built-in dishwasher, and washer & dryer), but it also provides additional coverage for any second home appliances you may have like a garage refrigerator.

Other Household Coverage Options

Have a pool or spa you need covered? Both Simplicity Standard and Premium home warranty plans have you covered with optional add-on coverage that is designed to give you complete confidence in those extras you enjoy as part of homeownership!

Simplicity Home Warranty Protection plans

Because we understand that each home, individual, and need will be different for everyone, we have developed three levels of protection for our customers to choose from: Essential, Standard, and Premium.

Our Essential plan covers a wide range of mission-critical systems responsible for the smooth functioning of your home, including heating & cooling systems, plumbing & electrical, and a water heater.

Our Standard plan covers everything in the Essential plan plus major home appliances that you use every day, such as your kitchen refrigerator, oven, built-in dishwasher, washer & dryer, garbage disposal, and more!

And finally, our Premium plan is our most popular and comprehensive coverage option – not only does it cover everything in the Essential and Standard plans, but it also covers other household items like second AC and heating units, second refrigerators, garage door openers, and more. Pool and spa coverage add-on options are available to add to the Standard and Premium plans, as well for additional convenience.

Home Warranty Cost

At Simplicity Protection, we know on average, homeowners make two claims per year, costing them thousands of dollars out of pocket that could be used towards vacations, vehicles, or retirement savings.

That’s why we designed our home warranty plans to be affordable, giving you the ultimate flexibility for your home.

Here are the per month coverage plan prices for our individual home warranty plan options:

  • Essential Home Warranty – starting at $50 / Month
  • Standard Home Warranty – starting $60 / Month
  • Premium Home Warranty – starting at $65 / Month

What Does Simplicity Home Protection Not Cover?

If you have a mechanical failure due to defects or malfunctions that existed prior to the start date of your contract, or from lack of routine care, maintenance, or misuse, then Simplicity Home Warranty Protection will not cover these specific items.

It’s always important to speak to a Simplicity customer support team member regarding a current or future contract that you have. Our team is always here to help find the best solution for your home.

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